The National Quarterback Club is guided by a comprehensive mission, a clear vision, and consistent values. Through is various award programs, we recognize outstanding athletes for their qualities and achievements on and off the playing field and serve as a model for comprehensive excellence in athletic achievement, academic success, and greater social affinity.

Founded in 1985

The Quarterback Club was founded in 1965 as a non-profit organization by originator and long-time sports advocate, Robert J. Geoghan. The group initially served as a social sports organization specifically hosting the annual luncheons for his hometown team, the Washington Redskins.

In 1985, celebrating its 20th year of continuous support, he expanded the reach of the club to create the National Quarterback Club to bring national attention to the top quarterbacks from professional, collegiate and high school ranks.

The Tradition

In 1985, the National Quarterback Club began a tradition of hosting annual fundraising events to honor the National Quarterback of the Year recipients. Annual awards dinners have been hosted in great sports cities such as Washington DC (1986-1991, 2004-2006), Miami (1992), Tampa Bay (1993), Jacksonville (1994, 1995), Charlotte (1996), Green Bay (1997, 1998), Denver (1999), St. Louis (2000), Minneapolis (2001), Houston (2002), and Scottsdale, Ariz. (2018). With continued support from sponsors, athletes and host cities, the National Quarterback Club Awards Dinner has remained popular through its lifetime.

The First Award

The first recipients of the National Quarterback of the Year awards, in 1985, were: Chicago Bears QB, Jim McMahon; University of Iowa standout, Chuck Long; and, Jeff George of Warren, Indiana’s Central High School.

Since then more than 38 others have been awarded the National Quarterback of the Year award, including Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman, the only two quarterbacks to receive National Quarterback of the Year award honors in both professional and collegiate ranks. These awards represent a veritable timeline honoring great quarterbacks and great men in American football history.

Quarterback Club Charities, Inc. & National Sports Foundation

The charitable arms of the National Quarterback Club are Quarterback Club Charities, Inc. and the National Sports Foundation. The 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporations raise money to benefit worthy organiztions such as: the XOXO Stabler Foundation, Kelly for Kids Foundation, Hunter's Hope, Folds of Honor, Ronald McDonald House, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Don Shula Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, Leukemia Society, Joe Gibbs’ Youth for Tomorrow, Children’s National Medical Center, Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Greater Tampa, and others. To date, the National Quarterback Club has raised over $1 million for a variety of designated charities.

National Quarterback Club Hall of Fame

The National Quarterback Club also serves as the steward of the National Quarterback Hall of Fame. The 25 inductees include the most distinguished quarterbacks, their competitive achievements, as well as outstanding integrity, longevity, sportsmanship, and character.

Board of Advisors
Don Kile
President - Arizona
Kim Bush
Josh Booty
Jim Covert
Todd Foust
Cale Gundy
Lisa Henry Holmes
Jim Kelly
New York
Doug Mitchell
Ed Pulido
Kevin Rowe
Judge Tim Russell
Tim Stack
Taylor Cole
Executive Director - Arizona
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